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March 16, 2017
Avaya Voice / Data Services
Network Infrastructure

Structured Cabling & Paging

As you may have heard, Avaya filed for bankruptcy protection in January of this year. They did bite off a bit more than they could chew when they acquired Nortel and all of their debt years back when Nortel had gone bankrupt - lots of debt there. They are determined to come out of bankruptcy stronger than ever. Avaya has already acquired a $725 million dollar loan to keep them going through to the bankruptcy end. Obviously there is enough belief in Avaya coming out of bankruptcy, otherwise no one in their right mind would loan out $725 million. There had been rumors that Avaya was going to sell off their Contact Center business, but they decided to keep that product as it encompasses their core business, telecom. What they decided to do was to sell off their Networking products to Extreme Networks. That might happen sometime in June of this year, if approved through the bankruptcy courts. It's a shame that they decided to sell their networking products - totally top of the line. We've sold quite a few of the ERS 3500 series. With the new ERS 3600 series coming out sometime in April, limited availabilty. Then general availability in May. Still, Extreme Networks puts out fantastic products and Avaya networking will only enhance their own offering.

Be that as it may, we have been doing many upgrades and installs of IP Office. We have back to back installs starting on St. Patrick's Day through 3/21 at two company locations, both in Chicago (one at the Willis Tower). With a different IP Office install at the end of next week as well. One of our larger IP Office install/maintenance customer's is going to set up a remote office in Milwaukee, WI with another ERS 3500 PoE switch and IP phones, beginning of April. The original site has IP Office server edition with 4-48 port PoE switches.




What's new in Avaya IP Office? IP Office R10 Service Pack 3 is now available!

Avaya IP Office News

Avaya IP Office R10 Service Pack 3. You'll need your SSO login to download.

NEW Phone Models for IP Office R10:

  • H175 Video Collaberation Station
    H175 Video Collaboration Station
  • IP DECT R4 Edition 5

Old phones no longer supported on IP Office R10

  • 4600 IP Series - EOS 5/2009
  • 5400 Digital Series - EOS 8/2011
  • 5600 IP Series - EOS 11/2010

LICENSING on Avaya IP Office R10 must all be at R10 PLDS

Avaya IP Office R9.1 is at Service Pack 10


Check out our Avaya IP Office Page for more information


Just FYI: We are SIP certified. Let us help you with SIP on your Avaya IP Office! http://bishopcomputer.com/ip-office-sip.html



The Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 series has a new download, v5.3.3. NEW!
Our website address for the ERS 3500 is http://bishopcomputer.com/avaya-ers-3500.html

What's new in release v5.3.3?
Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 v5.3.3 Series Release Notes

Software Release v5.3.3

Document Collection - Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series, Release v5.3.2 includes the following:

  • Regulatory Information - Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series
  • Documentation Roadmap - Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series
  • Fundamentals - Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series
  • CLI Commands Reference
  • Quick Install Guide - Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series
  • Getting Started - Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series
  • Installing the SFP, SFP+, and XFP transceivers on Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series
  • Installing Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series Job Aid
  • Configuration - Layer 2 - Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series
  • Configuration - System Monitoring - Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series
  • Configuration - IP Routing and Multicast - Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series
  • Configuration - Quality of Service - Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series
  • Security - Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series
  • Troubleshooting - Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series
  • Logs Reference - Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 Series and Virtual Services Platform 7000 Series


See below for our upcoming projects.

Merlin MAGIX News

Since October 2, 2006 the Merlin Magix system became End of Sale. See the Avaya notice https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100019584 We provide a lot of remote support for the Magix systems nationwide. http://bishopcomputer.com/ip-office-remote-support.html We provide troubleshooting and programming. Companies still cling to this system. While it is a solid work horse, it is old technology, dating back to the '80's. The best move would be to upgrade to an IP Office, using the Magix 44xx phones. It's a cost effective way to get into the new technology, getting your phone system to work for you. Then, when cash flow permits, you can change out old phones withthe new digital sets, utilizing different features available on the new phones, such as visual voice. Here's a picture of a Magix upgrade to IP Office we did with the 44xx phones http://www.pinterest.com/pin/566327721862128913/

Partner ACS News

Since November 8, 2010 the Partner ACS system became End of Sale. See the Avaya notice http://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100089943
These popular systems were simple to use. We still support these products, but we usually don't carry much stock, as they tend to go fast. We can still get parts through the used market, for the most part. Some are harder to come by. Check out our Partner ACS page. Our first phone system here was a Partner. Great system that lasted many years. http://bishopcomputer.com/partneracs.html On that page in the Partner ACS area, we also share the "How to use your Partner Phone" guide, basically how to program for users. There is also an upgrade path to Avaya IP Office if you have the Partner ACS phones, and you can visit that at the top part of the Partner page.

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