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August 1 , 2019
Avaya IP Office News
Avaya Voice / Data Services
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Bishop Computer is now an authorized sales agent for the new Avaya Cloud Offering: Avaya Cloud IP Office. While we have sold, installed, maintained and supported Avaya IP Office on premise equipment (and still do), we are now selling the Cloud Version for customers who just want a phone on their desk and have a great Internet connection. While we were leary of offering a cloud product, hearing stories of bad reception to phones that you couldn't hear your customers or the customers couldn't hear you, we decided to try this service before we sold it to customers. Avaya Cloud IP Office Brochure

What's new in Avaya IP Office?

IP Office R11.0 Feature Pack 4 Service Pack 1 is now available.
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Avaya Call Recording (ACR):
ACR is a scalable call reporting and contact center solution that can be deployed on top of an existing IP Office™ platform

No specific certification is available / required for Avaya Call Reporting at this point. Training is through Xima, as ACR is a rebranded Xima product.

Certificates already achieved for:

  • Avaya Call Reporting Design Engineer
  • Avaya Call Reporting Installation Professional
  • Working on ACR Support Professional


Old phones no longer supported on IP Office R10+

  • 4600 IP Series - EOS 5/2009
  • 5400 Digital Series - EOS 8/2011
  • 5600 IP Series - EOS 11/2010





Just FYI: We are SIP certified. Let us help you with SIP on your Avaya IP Office!



The Extreme Ethernet Routing Switch 3600 series

Extreme Networks ERS 3600 series.



Merlin MAGIX News

Since October 2, 2006 the Merlin Magix system became End of Sale. See the Avaya notice We provide a lot of remote support for the Magix systems nationwide. We provide troubleshooting and programming. Companies still cling to this system. While it is a solid work horse, it is old technology, dating back to the '80's. The best move would be to upgrade to an IP Office, using the Magix 44xx phones. It's a cost effective way to get into the new technology, getting your phone system to work for you. Then, when cash flow permits, you can change out old phones withthe new digital sets, utilizing different features available on the new phones, such as visual voice. Here's a picture of a Magix upgrade to IP Office we did with the 44xx phones

Partner ACS News

Since November 8, 2010 the Partner ACS system became End of Sale. See the Avaya notice
These popular systems were simple to use. We still support these products, but we usually don't carry much stock, as they tend to go fast. We can still get parts through the used market, for the most part. Some are harder to come by. Check out our Partner ACS page. Our first phone system here was a Partner. Great system that lasted many years. On that page in the Partner ACS area, we also share the "How to use your Partner Phone" guide, basically how to program for users. There is also an upgrade path to Avaya IP Office if you have the Partner ACS phones, and you can visit that at the top part of the Partner page.

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Avaya Professional Sales Specialist APSS-SME
Avaya Certified Support Specialist ACSS-SME
Avaya Implementation Professional Specialist AIPS-SME
The SIP School Certified Associate  


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