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IP Office Release 8.0

Avaya IP Office R10 available NOW!

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IP Office Release 8.0



IP Office

IP Office R8.0 product brochures (pdf)

IP Office Release 8.0

IP Office is a versatile communications solution that combines the reliability and ease of a traditional telephony system with the applications and advantages of an IP telephony solution. This converged communications solution can help businesses reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve customer service.

Maximizing productivity
When employees can’t get to the office (because of storms, personal issues or other reasons) IP Office allows them to work as at home (or any other location) as productively as though they were in the office.

And keep in mind…
IP Office delivers a whole range of capabilities. Only you can put a number on the value that many of these capabilities will have for your business.

• Having calls automatically routed to a cell telephone or other location, so important customers can get through to the right person in real-time
• Being able to operate as a 24/7 business, without a 24/7 staff
• Using your communications to quickly identify when your top customers call


IP Office Modes

IP Office systems based on the IP500 V2 control unit can run in a number of modes:

· IP Office Basic Edition - Quick Mode
· IP Office Basic Edition - PARTNER® Mode
· IP Office Essential Edition

For IP Office Release 8.0, systems in this mode require an Essential Edition license added to the configuration. Systems without a license will not support any telephony functions. Additional licenses can then be added, including licenses for Preferred Edition and Advanced Edition operation. Throughout this document, unless stated otherwise, Essential Edition is used to refer to Essential Edition, Preferred Edition and Advanced Edition.
· IP Office on Linux®
This is special version of IP Office Essential Edition which runs as a Linux application. It supports IP trunks and extensions only.

IP500 control units run in IP Office Essential Edition only.

IP Office Basic Edition PARTNER® Mode

The IP Office Basic Edition Partner Mode continues the evolution of communications systems for small businesses.

PARTNER Mode is designed to work directly out of the box without any programming or administration, allowing users to immediately make and place calls via analog trunks.

PARTNER Mode provides the end user a similar desktop experience as the PARTNER ACS: e.g. 2 dedicated intercom buttons, key system functionality, Caller ID, etc. This helps minimize training requirements and provides the end user with the same comfort level they have come to expect with the PARTNER ACS system.

PARTNER Mode provides enhanced features such as Visual Voice, Remote Call Forwarding, 64-party Conferencing, SIP Trunking, Full PRI/T1 and more.

PARTNER Mode provides the same 2-digit extension numbering plan as PARTNER ACS (default), and now supports a 3-digit flexible numbering plan (extensions 100 – 599).

PARTNER Mode supports all current and "Euro" versions of PARTNER ACS telephones, the 1400 Series digital telephones, the current 3920 and 3910 wireless products, as well as most analog devices (fax, wireless headsets, analog telephones). The original MLS Series telephones and older wireless telephones are not supported.

PARTNER Mode also supports a new line of Avaya digital telephones – the 9500 Series telephones, and supports the Nortel T-Series and M-Series digital telephones.

PARTNER Mode includes Embedded Voicemail; providing a 2-port Automated Attendant (upgradeable to 6-ports) and voice mail coverage activated for all telephones. The Embedded Voicemail offers a variable number of hours of storage:

• 2-ports = 15 hours of storage
• 4-ports = 20 hours of storage
• 6-ports = 25 hours of storage

System Capacities PARTNER Mode supports larger telephone and trunk capacity as follows (may not be attained simultaneously):

100 Telephones:
• Up to 100 digital telephones (1400 Series, 9500 Series, T-series and M-Series telephones)
• Up to 100 analog telephones
• Up to 18 PARTNER ETR telephones (additional non ETR telephones can be added total to reach system capacity)
64 Trunks:
• Up to 32 analog CO lines
• 1 PRI/T1 (24 lines)
• Up to 20 SIP lines
• can support up to 72 trunks, but not simultaneously

IP Office Basic Edition Mu-Law
When the IP500 V2 containing a IP Office Mu-Law SD card is first started, it will boot-up as "Basic Edition", which has the same look and feel as PARTNER Mode, supporting out of the box operations, two intercom buttons, key system functionality, voice mailboxes on all telephones, TUI programming support, etc. "Basic Edition" makes starting and using the system quick and easy.

Users who need full IP Office Essential Edition functionality can apply the Essential edition license and the use Manager to change mode from "Basic Edition" to "Essential Edition". Once the system reboots, it re-starts as "Essential Edition" which is the way that IP Office Essential Edition works, looks and feels in Release 7.0.

An IP500 V2 system can be converted from its current mode to run in IP Office Essential Edition using IP Office Manager. For IP Office Release 8.0 and higher, the system also requires an Essential Edition license to run in IP Office Essential Edition.


IPO capacity

1. 100 Extension in 3-digit extension numbering mode only. 48 extensions in 2-digit extension numbering mode. · In non-IP Office Essential Edition the system assumes that the base control unit is always fully populated with up to 32 extensions, either real or phantom or a mix, to which it assigns extension numbers in sequence. It does this before assigning extension numbers to any real extensions on attached external expansion modules up to the system extension limit. If the system extension limit has not been exceeded, any remaining extension numbers are assigned to additional phantom extensions.
2. Non-IP Office Essential Edition systems support 3 SIP channels without licenses. Additional channels up to the limit require licenses. IP Office Essential Edition systems require licenses for all channels. In all modes, voice compression hardware resources are also required for SIP support.
3. Non-IP Office Essential Edition systems do not support both BRI and PRI trunks in the same system. IP Office Essential Edition systems support both BRI and PRI trunks in the same system. Non-IP Office Essential Edition systems are restricted to 12 BRI channels regardless of the BRI hardware installed.
4. Non-IP Office Essential Edition systems are to 1 single-port PRI card.
5. Capacity is dependent on licenses, voice compression resources and available bandwidth.

FEATURE Support Summary

IPO features


  • Essential Edition
    For Release 8.0 and higher, this license is required for IP500v2 systems to run in IP Office Essential Edition. It is therefore a pre-requisite to the Preferred Edition and Advanced Edition licenses on those systems.
  • Essential Edition Additional Voicemail Ports
    For IP500 V2 only. Unlicensed, the Embedded Voicemail provided by the system supports 2 simultaneous connections and 15 hours of storage. This can be expanded up to 6 channels by the addition of licenses, each of which enables an additional two channels. For IP Office Release 7.0+ each license also enables an additional 5 hours of storage.
  • Preferred Edition (Voicemail Pro)
    This license enables support for Voicemail Pro as the IP Office's voicemail server with 4 voicemail ports. The Preferred Edition license allows the voicemail server to provide the services listed below. For IP Office Release 8.0 and higher, an Essential Edition license is a pre-requisite for this license on IP500 V2 systems.
· Mailboxes for all users and hunt groups.
· Announcements for users and hunt groups.
· Customizable call flows.
· Call recording to mailboxes.
· Campaigns.
· TTS email reading for users licensed to Mobile Worker or Power User profiles.
· Use of Conference Meet Me functions on IP500 and IP500 V2 systems.


1. In a Small Community Network, each system supported a Voicemail Pro server, whether centralized or distributed, requires its own Preferred Edition license. For IP Office Calgary, all other systems in the network using the centralized server for voicemail will be provided with a virtual Preferred Edition licenses from the central system. This virtual license can be used as the pre-requisite for any user profile licenses required on those remote systems.

2. For a IP500 V2 system fitted with an C110 Unified Communications Module, the presence of the card acts as an automatic Preferred Edition license. It also enables a total of 24 voicemail ports.

  • Advanced Edition
    This license enables the additional features listed below. A Preferred Edition license is a pre-requisite for this license. For IP Office Release 8.0 and higher, an Essential Edition license is also a pre-requisite for this license on IP500 V2 systems.
· Support for Customer Call Reporter including 1 supervisor.
· Voicemail Pro database interaction (IVR).[1]
· Voicemail Pro call flow generic TTS (8 ports).[1] [2]
· Voicemail Pro Visual Basic Scripting.[1]
· Voicemail Pro call recording to ContactStore.[3]


1. Only supported on Windows based Voicemail Pro servers.

2. Provides up to 8 ports of generic TTS for use with Speak Text actions within Voicemail Pro call flows. Not used for user TTS email reading. Not supported for Linux based voicemail servers.

3. Note: In a Small Community Network using centralized voicemail, this license only enables ContactStore support for the central IP Office. Remote IP Offices in the network require their own Advanced Edition license or a VMPro Recordings Administrator license.

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