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AVAYA Systems: Avaya IP Office | Legacy Phone Systems | Merlin MAGIX / Merlin Legend | Partner ACS / IP Office PARTNER Version
Extreme Networks / Avaya Ethernet Routing Switches | Network Infrastructure | Structured Cabling

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Avaya IP Office Remote
Phone Service

IP Office remote support
24 hour Emergency Service Available
On site service - Chicago to Milwaukee areas

IP Office remote programming
IP Office remote phone support
IP Office remote installation

IP Office programming
IP Office Voicemail Pro remote programming

Avaya Business Partner
Technical services for Avaya IP Office Partner Merlin Definity phone systems - Relocation - Networks - Cabling

Authorized Certified Experienced

AVAYA  Professional Sales Specialist APSS
Avaya Certified Support  Specialist ACSS
SSCA - The SIP School Certified Associate

IP Office R11 available NOW!

Extreme Networks:
Extreme Networks Ethernet Routing Switch 3600 Series - Perfect fit with IP Office!
Extreme Networks Authorized Partner

IP Office sales
IP Office support
IP Office service
IP Office programming
IP Office remote programming

IP Office phone support
IP Office installation
IP Office training
IP Office remote phone support
IP Office troubleshooting
IP Office VPN phone
IP Office upgrade
IP Office technical support
IP Office implementation

Avaya Products installed:

  • IP Office
  • IPO Voicemail Pro
  • Merlin Magix / Legend
  • Merlin Messaging
  • Partner systems
  • Definity
  • CM (Communication Manager)
  • Intuity
  • Intuity LX

Avaya Equipment installed

  • Avaya ERS 3500 series
  • Extreme / Avaya ERS 3600 series
  • Avaya ERS 4800 series

Adtran Equipment installed:

  • MX2800
  • Total Access
    • 624
    • 700
  • TSU's
    • 120
    • 120e
  • Routers
    • 3200
    • 3205
    • 3540







Schaumburg, IL
(847) 781-9475


Onsite areas served:

  • Illinois Chicago area
  • Lower Wisconsin Milwaukee to Madison areas

Nationwide technical remote phone support

IP Office Service
Experienced and Certified - a winning combination!
CALL 847.781.9475

24 hour Emergency Service Available

IP Office Installation

  • Site survey readiness check
  • Review alternatives to connecting IP Office
  • Decision: phone closet or data room/rack
  • Extending the “Demarc” to the IP Office
  • Is a switch “data” port available for the IP Office system, Voicemail Pro PC?
  • Will a VLAN be configured
  • Is the Infrastructure, Core Switches QoS capable?
  • Is it ready for VoIP traffic? Network Assessment needs to be completed.
  • VPN, connect remote site(s) or users phones to the LAN.
  • Is your VPN appliance supported?
  • Voicemail: Embedded (Essential) vs VMPRo (Preferred) editions, what is right for you?
  • Phone Manager Pro (PNP) or One-X Portal? (One-X Portal offers more...)
  • SCN, are you thinking of how to connect your offices together, efficiently?

IP Office Additions

  • Add trunk or station capacity
  • Add Licensing* for features

IP Office Programming

  • Call routing
  • User function programming

IP Office Moves Adds Changes (MAC)

  • New hires or moving users
  • Setup new mailboxes or administer old ones

IP Office Upgrades

  • Install or update new firmware or software
  • Install or update user application software

IP Office Repairs and Troubleshooting**

  • Diagnose troubles
  • Find resolutions

IP Office User training on phones and voicemail

  • Phones and phone features
  • Voicemail access and messaging features
  • Desktop Applications

IP Office Basic administrative training

  • Add users
  • Reset user and voicemail passwords
  • Administer directories

IP Office Relocation

  • Plan and prepare for cut dates to minimize outages to customers
  • Relocation can involve multi-vendors and circuit turn-ups
  • Moving offers opportunity to upgrade or migrate to a new system

Network Infrastructure

Design / Analysis

  • Core infrastructure
  • Requirement development

Review / Evaluate

  • Audit current design
  • Address critical concerns


  • Pre-configure and install components
  • QOS layer setup
  • VLAN
  • Lab testing for rollout


  • Post evaluation
  • Performance acceptance

WAN / Service Providers

  • Work with service providers
  • Develop requirements
  • Test and turn up
  • Managed services for QOS
  • Assure testing endpoint connections
  • Post troubleshooting


(low voltage)

Copper / Fiber

  • Upgrade cabling to Category design specifications
  • Backbone Campus
  • Certify Cable Performance

Design / Analysis

  • Core infrastructure
  • Requirement development

Wire Centers

  • Design a wire center to suit
  • Professional Quality Products
  • Enclosures to Secure Assets

Cable Management

  • Ladder racks and pathways
  • Structured Design

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