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Wireless antennas, Cisco bridges and cabling at a local school 5-building campus

A local school needed to have their offices and classrooms networked together. The five campus buildings had old cabling that had not functioned in years. Each location had to be wired to the building LAN with connectivity between buildings accomplished with wireless bridging. Each building was equipped with the appropriate antenna for communicating with the network. Much of the wiring had to be done in the crawlspace underneath the floors where we used a 'creeper' and carried flashlights to get around.

Equipment / parts used at the school

  • (53) Cat5e cable drops were run
  • (5) Cisco Aironet 350 bridges
  • 16db omni antenna for the main building
  • 13db directional antennas for the other 4 buildings, with a 100% signal quality on all.
antenna install
Trees were everywhere on the campus.
directional antenna
Water kills radio signals - trees collect moisture on their leaves - you need a clear unobstructed path for good signals - we finished up with 100% signal strength on all antennaes!
omni directional antenna
install antenna










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