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Avaya IP Office R11 available now.




Avaya IP Office server edition, IP500v2, ERS3549GTS-PWR+, SBCE, 9611G, 9608G, 9641G

Frustrated because your Avaya IP Office isn't programmed or even
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Avaya IP Office has come a long way since first being introduced back in 2002. It certainly has come into its own and has been given awards. The most recent awards are:

  • Internet Telephony magazine has named Avaya IP Office 8.1 its 2012 Unified Communications Product of the Year. Selection was based on quality and excellence in addressing the real needs of small-to-midsize businesses.
  • Avaya IP Office Server Edition has been recognized for Exceptional Innovation. It was given a 2013 Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award.

Who better to sell, program, install and train on Avaya IP Office than Bishop Computer. We've been around for all the different releases. We have technicians who are expert on the system and have knowledge of each release... Contact us today!


The Avaya IP Office Platform is a cost-effective system that supports a mobile, distributed workforce with voice and video on virtually any device. IP Office is an integrated, modular communications solution that scales up to 3000 users and 150 locations in a multisite network with resiliency. Match a deployment model to infrastructure needs from simple appliances to dedicated servers to virtualized software in a data center. Improve customer experience and contact center agent efficiency with powerful, affordable multichannel functionality for voice, email, fax, SMS, and web chat. The solution combines collaboration software plus multichannel contact centers, networking, security and video.

There is an IP Office to meet the needs of any small and midsize business. From the smallest enterprise with essential team engagement and mobile requirements, scaling up to sophisticated large enterprises requiring high levels of resiliency to support their customer engagement solutions.

  • IP Office Select - For robust large scale team, mobile, and customer engagement with higher resiliency on a software-based solution.
  • Server Edition - For robust team, mobile, and customer engagement on a software-based solution.
  • Preferred Edition - For robust team, mobile, and customer engagement on a simple-to-deploy appliance.
  • Essential Edition - For essential team and mobile engagement on a simple-to-deploy appliance.
  • Basic Edition - For simple individual engagement on a simple-to-deploy appliance.

IP Office R11

IP Office continues to evolve with Release 11. There have been significant advancements in security and resiliency, particularly for those that are interested in moving to cloud deployments. Avaya offers solutions from pure premises deployments, to pure cloud deployments. This offers flexibility for customers to start with a premises-based solution, move to cloud as a resiliency option, or start in cloud and still have resiliency on premises. As an added benefit, customers who are familiar and accustomed to analog line appearances, as with key system, may now deploy SIP trunks and program line appearance buttons on their phones. SIP Line Appearance will be supported on Essential Edition, Server Edition, Select and Powered By solutions. This makes it easier to migrate smaller businesses with analog line appearance to SIP trunked systems while preserving their user experience and business processes.

Stronger resiliency and security
IP Office provides high-availability and secure communication without the high costs and complexities of managing additional servers in their network. Customer locations may have automatic backup, active calls stay connected, no idle hardware needed. R11.0 introduces WebRTC Gateway resiliency with IP Office Select; providing High Availability (HA) to WebRTC users.

Enhanced Collaboration
Media Manager will be the primary recording/archiving solution with R11. Media Manager in R11.0 enforces migration of Contact Recorder data as part of the R11.0 upgrade. Media Manager search capabilities are improved for both Administrator and User with R11.0. Contact Recorder is no longer supported with IP Office R11.0 and is not part of the R11.0 software. (There is no migration of Contact Store data with R11.0.)

For ease of use and enhancing the user experience, the new IP Office Web Client is a WebRTC based client that facilitates audio, video, Instant Messaging and Presence based collaboration between users in either a Chrome browser-based environment (Windows or MacOS) or as a standalone Windows client.

Support of the new J169 and J179 IP phones will be added with R11.0. These two new IP phones will address the need for everyday voice communications. The Vantage Basic software client will also be supported and will introduce the all glass Vantage device to the Midmarket.

R11.0 will also start the introduction of the Avaya Equinox™ client on IP Office. With R11.0 the Avaya Equinox™ client will be supported on IP Office as a softphone only (audio and video calling). Instant Messaging will be provided via Zang™ Spaces, presence will be provided via the IP Office core and there will be optional subscription available to Avaya Equinox™ Meetings Online for multi-party audio / video / web conferencing.

While the Avaya Equinox™ 3.4 client will be a common client across both of Aura and IP Office (R11) platforms in the May timeframe – it is very important for all to understand that the client capabilities will vary, depending on the platform that the client registers to. This is down to different underlying architectures in each case.

Summary of New Features Delivered in IP Office Release 11.0

Cloud Market Expansion and Mid Market
  • COM: Cloud Operations Manager • Avaya Equinox™ client
  • Support for J169 and J179 IP Phones
  • Vantage Basic client
  • IP Office Web client
  • WebRTC HA improvements for Select
  • Media Manager Phase 2
  • DECT Scalability
  • SIP Trunk Line Selection
  • Installation Wizard

Additional Features, licensing processes update and requirements

  • Simultaneous Anywhere
  • WebLM Licensing updates

Note: Features listed are available worldwide unless otherwise specified. Not all of the features in IP Office Release 11.0 are supported on all Editions, platforms and phones - please see each feature's description for details. Cloud portal APIs, SDKs and Example applications will be available with the Powered By Avaya IP Office R3.0 Cloud release.

Upgrading to IP Office R11.0
IP Office Support Services (IPOSS) customers entitled to IP Office software updates/upgrades under a current support agreement will be upgraded in accordance with the terms of their support contract.

Customers operating earlier releases of IP Office software without an IPOSS contract will need to purchase an upgrade to get to IP Office R11.0/10.1.

Supported Releases
With the GA of IP Office R11 Avaya will provide support for the two most current major releases. IP Office R10.1 and IP Office R 11, will be considered the two major releases. Avaya will provide support for R10.1 and R11 via the standard software service pack process going forward. Avaya will no longer provide support for IP Office R9.1 and IP Office R10.0

Supported OS and Browsers
Windows (PC)

Operating System Editions and Service Packs

Operating System
Service Pack
Windows 7 32/64
Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate
Windows 8.1
Pro, Enterprise
Windows 10
Pro (SMB), Enterprise
Server 2012
Server 2012 R2
Server 2016
Standard and Essentials

Server 2008R2 (64 Bit) is no longer supported


IE10 (2)
Microsoft Edge
FFXX (1)
Chrome XX (1)
Safari 8
Safari 9
Safari 10(3)
VMPro Campaigns Client check mark check mark check mark x x x x x
VMPro UMS WebMail check mark check mark check mark x x x x x
one-X ® Portal for IP Office Client check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark TBD
Web Conferencing check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark TBD
Web Manager Web Control Page check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark
D100 DECT Admin check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark TBD
IP DECT R4 Admin check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark TBD
Avaya Communicator for Web x check mark x x check mark x x x
Media Manager check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark x x x
Cloud Operations Manager (COM) (Update at GA)                
IP Office Web Client x x x check mark x x x

(1) These browsers update on a 6-week cycle with most users automatically updated within two weeks. IP Office will aim to support future versions of these fast release browsers to the extent possible as tested and verified.

(2) Only on Server 2012 (note Server2012R2 supports IE11)

(3) TBDs for Safari 10 will be updated post GA version of the R11.0 Offer document

(4) Contact Recorder is no longer supported with R11.0.


Supported Hardware

Platform and features supported on the platform will be modified with the IP Office R11.0 release. Supported platforms are:

  • IP500 V2 Control unit
  • IP Office for Linux (Server Edition, Virtualize Server Edition, Select)

IP Office software supports Server Edition hardware platforms; the Dell PowerEdge R630 server and the Dell PowerEdge R230 server are the most current servers available. The Dell PowerEdge R630 server support was introduced with IPO 9.1.4 SP (issued September 14, 2015).

Note: IP OFFICE 500 VERSION 2 EXTENSION CARD ETR 6 will be targeted to end of sales in 2017. Please look forward to the End-of-Sales Notice for further details.

Customers may migrate to IP Office R11.0 by purchasing an upgrade for Release 10 and applying the R11.0 software, or by acquiring an upgrade as part of their entitlement per the terms of their valid IP Office Support Services support contract, as applicable. Customers migrating to IP Office R11.0 will be required to have an IP500 V2 control unit or supported servers with Server Edition. IP500 base cards, trunk cards and expansion modules are supported with IP500 V2 control unit and may migrate to the V2 control unit. Licenses will require a dongle swap to move from the IP500 key card to the IP500 V2 SD card.

All other Release 11.0 features are supported on all platforms. IP Office R11.0 Select features are supported with Select material codes.

IP400 Trunk and Station Modules supported in IP Office R11.0:

  • Analog trunk 16
  • Digital Station V2: 16 and 30 port variants
  • Phone V2: 16 and 30 port variants

NEW PHONES for R11.0

Avaya J169 IP Phone


Avaya J179 IP Phone


Avaya K175 Vantage Phone

AVAYA Vantage™
• Avaya Vantage™ Basic is the only version available on the 1st Release 11.0



Avaya IP Office R11
IP Office sales and technical support, is our expertise.
It's always interesting to see what situations or problems that we can help with. Troubleshooting intelligently as to why a system or programmiing is acting the way it is, is how we work. That took a lot of IP Office installation experience and of course, certification.

A lot of the time issues occur is because it is the way a system was programmed. There are so many IP Office programmers out there that are "expert" but really don't know how to program properly. That would entail no errors or programming that actually goes somewhere. A lot of programming we've seen is just all over the place. Time to clean it up.

Sometimes issues aren't really issues and it boils down to the fact that IP Office doesn't always work the way an old PBX works. That's where training comes in. Learning to work with IP Office and the newer technologies will help you grow your business.

Do you have employees / offices in different states or even countries? Do you have remote workers that work from home? It's time to grow and Bishop Computer is here to help.

We do a lot of remote support as well as on site IP Office help in the Chicago and lower Wisconsin areas. Call
847-781-9475 or email for a support appointment.

Buy equipment only from an authorized Avaya Business Partner. Check the Avaya Business Partner Locator Put Chicago in the City area, check the Partner Name Box and type Bishop and enter. There we are. Many people claim to be business partners. It only takes a moment to verify.

Email or call with any questions!

Avaya IP Office R11.0
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